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Middle School Rowing

Camp Randall Rowing Club’s Middle School rowing program is designed for young athletes in 6th-8th grades. Athletes learn the basics of rowing in a relaxed, supportive, and fun environment, building on what they learned in previous sessions. Our coaching staff provides instructional coaching and feedback on technique while the athletes develop an understanding of safety, rules of the water, self-awareness, sculling technique, and fitness. Middle school crew works on agility, strength, and teamwork while gaining hands-on experience in boats on Lake Monona. Athletes practice the essentials of sculling (two oars per person) and sweep rowing (one oar per person) in racing shells and also do land-based training on rowing machines (ergs) to build strength and fitness.

Our middle school crew is the perfect introduction to the sport for our young athletes who gain skills and develop comfort and confidence in small boats. The program is designed to take advantage of the developmental needs and strengths of the athletes. No experience is necessary!

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