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About Us

The primary purpose pf Camp Randall Rowing Club (CRRC) is to foster a love of rowing and provide youth rowers opportunities to be competitive in regional and national regattas. The club supports and develops amateur athletes throughout the Dane County community and beyond.​

Camp Randall Rowing Club’s programs seek to:

  • Encourage, develop, instruct, and train people in the sport of competitive rowing

  • Promote opportunities for amateur competition

  • Encourage lifelong health and wellness

  • Support rowers of all ages who otherwise would never have an opportunity to participate in the sport

  • Develop an understanding of and appreciation for the sport of rowing among rowers and families


The US Center for SafeSport is an independent nonprofit committed to building a sport community where participants can work and learn together free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct. What is its connection to CRRC? 

USRowing, CRRC’s governing body, is a member organization of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee. The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 (Public Law 115-126) took effect in February 2018 (“SafeSport Act”). This federal law designated the United States Center for SafeSport as the official SafeSport organization for all Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Para Pan American sports in the United States. The SafeSport Act requires national governing bodies and Paralympic sports organizations to implement both prevention training and prevention policies. 


All CRRC community members are welcome to complete SafeSport training and certification. All CRRC coaches, captains, and chaperones are required to complete SafeSport certifications and complete background checks. Semi-annual workshops are provided to all athletes on SafeSport by CRRC's Safety and Culture Committee.


More information about SafeSport

Reach out to CRRC Safesport or Safety and Culture Committee

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