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Junior Rowing

Camp Randall Rowing Club offers a competitive rowing program for high school students throughout our community through our Junior Program. No previous experience is required. This program is also open to mature 8th grade students who have some previous rowing experience.

Our Junior Program goals:

  • Develop student athletes and help them achieve their goals

  • Provide athletes with the knowledge and skills base necessary to be competitive at a regional and even national level

  • Train the “whole athlete,” including pre-performance routines (nutrition, sleep, hydration, stretching, etc.), injury prevention, and accountability on and off the water

  • Develop proper rowing technique

Junior Program Seasons

Athletes are training year-round to improve their fitness and technique.  Camp Randall Rowing takes advantage of all the days we can get on the water before a winter of on land training. We open our on-water season with a week-long training in Tennessee during spring break.

Our athletes compete locally, regionally, and nationally in both spring and fall seasons. As is true with cross country and track, in rowing, fall racing season races races are longer (3000-6000m) and spring season races are shorter sprints (1500-2000m). The fall season of rowing is considered the “endurance” season in rowing.

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